Guard Force

Innovative solutions to secure the waterfront, vessels, and facilities

We are everyday working global maritime experts who will protect your company, your vessels, your crew, and your reputation. Our approach provides real-time solutions that have been tested and successfully implemented.

Our highly trained staff is available to cover any project inside all 361 U.S. Ports. MOMPS also works closely with elite partner organizations outside the USA that can provide the appropriate level of Maritime Security and coordination.

Some of our Core “Force Protection” services are as follows (all services can be provided armed and/or unarmed):

  • Security Plan preparation in response to USCG or CBP orders for High-Risk Crewmen
  • Security Plan preparation, filing, and/or Update to FSP, VSP, or in response to Captain of the Port orders
  • Facility Security
  • Vessel Security
  • USCG COTP Order Security detail (USA Only)
  • CBP High-Risk Crewmen Security detail (USA Only)
  • Non-US C1/D Visa escort (USA only)
  • Medical Parole escort (Out of USA only)
  • Voluntary deportation agent escort (out of USA only)
  • TWIC escort (USA only)
  • TWIC reader and bio-metric hardware (USA only)
  • Red cell team projects
  • Maritime investigative services
  • Hostage Negotiation
  • Overseas piracy patrol, escort services, vessel protection, and crew protective services, and training
  • Bomb/radiation/positive neutron detection
  • Diver inspection
  • Diver Interdiction
  • Underwater ROV screening
  • Screening of stores/mail/packages
  • Drug and alcohol screening
  • Search and seizure
  • Vessel asset escort
  • Secure deliveries either in response or prevention mode
  • Lethal and non-Lethal security equipment to security forces
  • Security technology equipment

For information on our additional services not listed, please contact us anytime.  We are available 24/7.

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