ISO 9001

Moran Shipping Agencies Inc. is proud to be an ISO Certified Company since 1999

Moran Shipping Agencies Inc. is proud to be an ISO Certified Company since 1999. ISO or the International Organization for Standardization is a worldwide federation of business practice standards. Certification with ISO provides assurance to every existing or potential client about the quality, safety and reliability of service we offer from every Moran office.

Moran has continued our ISO growth with compliance to the new standards in the fall of 2018. We are now completely compliant with ISO 9001 – 2015. It is a much more streamlined version of the manufacturing industry-modeled ISO and is now customized to our highly specialized service industry. The entire system is accessible to all Moran employees online through our company intranet.

ISO functions as and is referred to as Moran’s Quality Management System. The mission of Moran’s QMS is to better serve our clients through documenting and conforming to a companywide set of policies, procedures and work instructions. It also serves as an interdisciplinary management review platform where employees can suggest changes, report non-conformances and provide feedback to the always amendable system.

While all Moran employees are actively enrolled in the QMS it is the ultimate responsibility of the Quality Team coordinated by the Quality Manager to ensure that the system is consistently working for the benefit of Moran employees and in turn for our valued clients.

Conformance to the QMS is continuously monitored through regular Quality Team Meetings, Internal Audits of all Moran offices by certified employees, and ISOQAR (our ISO registrar based in the UK) Audits conducted once a year by an ISOQAR-certified lead auditor.

Quality Manager:

  • James Gura Jr., Quality Mgr

Moran ISO Certificates

Click on this link to find out more about ISO certification -> ISO 9001 : 2015

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