Shipping Agency Services

Highest level of commitment & care for a vessel and her crew who are far from home

Port Agency & Vessel Husbandry

All our agents are specially and extensively trained to become local experts of their individual port of service.

Hub Agency Solutions

A local agency management program designed to manage your agency operations from a regional perspective.

Port Vendor Management

Moran boasts an exemplary track record in being able to negotiate significant port service discounts on behalf of our clients.

Voyage Accounting

We are committed to always meeting your needs by continuously improving processes, taking preventative actions, and working as a team.

Information Technology

We believe that technology has an integral role in supporting our mission to ensure a safe, efficient, and cost-effective port call for our client’s vessels.

Pollution & Safety

Qualified independent contractors providing around-the-clock coverage, 365 days per year, from coast to coast.

Regulatory Compliance

We are the industry leader in assisting Principals to ensure full compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.


These are some of the organizations we work with on a daily basis to ensure we provide the best possible service in all areas of operation.

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