Information Technology

A leader and pioneer in the use of technology for the Maritime industry

Moran has been a leader and pioneer in the use of technology for the Maritime industry. We introduced computerized voyage accounting in the 1970’s, we were the first in email telex integration, ship-side information and communication technology, and most recently online internal quality systems and Hub Agency applications.

It is our firm belief that technology has an integral role in supporting our mission to ensure a safe, efficient, and cost-effective port call for our client’s vessels. Our vision is to provide our clients a competitive advantage through continuous improvements in technological innovation and the management of information systems.

Our ability to quickly adopt new technologies and customize them to our clients’ needs has provided Moran with a significant competitive advantage. Moran invests in flexible “end user” based technologies as the foundation of our IT structure with an in-house focus to move away from proprietary solutions. This has allowed us to broaden the traditional scope of agency in areas such as financial reporting and analysis, e-archiving, marine portal services, and more. Moran’s Information Management and IT Infrastructure is a state-of-the-art environment that leverages various critically analyzed vendors and in-house technology to maximize security, redundancy, and efficiency. Our application of this technology provides a reliable, secure solution that can seamlessly integrate with even the most proprietary of systems.

These technologies facilitate extremely flexible and comprehensive reporting. Use of standard and flexible database and accounting technologies allows all data to be presented to the customer in formats which are compatible with our client’s internal accounting, operations and IT requirements.

We are proud that this technology has received awards from the US Government sector as well as positive exposure in the private sector. Additionally, Moran has been awarded three grants from US public sector programs for the innovative application of this technology as it pertains to marine information systems and US Homeland Security maritime applications. Moran was also featured prominently in a Microsoft international SharePoint campaign, which highlighted our application of their new flagship portal product in marine logistics, communication, e-disbursement archiving and maritime agency financial services. This technology went on to win the state’s highest technology innovation award and more recently resulted in a prestigious Microsoft pinnable award nomination.

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