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Boston, MA

June 21, 2024


BOSTON Harbor is at MARSEC Level 1
Boston Pilots advise:
Ships that employ an EPL/SHaPoLi or engine acceleration-limiting program as a part of their EEXI compliance structure must inform pilots of the engine response characteristics prior to entry into U.S. territorial waters to comply with 33 CFR § 164.11(k).
If the pilot card and wheel house poster are NOT UPDATED to reflect maneuverability with the device ENGAGED – device MUST BE OVERRIDDEN prior to entering U.S. territorial waters (3NM). If override is not feasible, the COTP, in consultation with the pilots, may require additional safety measures.
BOSTON CBP has noted the following:
Crew changes are being permitted.  Offsigner flights need to be vetted by CBP in advance.
Shore leave is permitted.

Current Maximum Drafts at Oil Terminals
Citgo Braintree         34-09 Brakish Water
Global Chelsea          32-00 Salt Water
Global Revere           32-00 Salt Water
Gulf Chelsea            35-00 Salt Water
Irving Revere           36-00 Salt Water
Sprague Deepwater       34-00 BERTH DEPTH, Salt Water
Sunoco East Boston      36-06 BERTH DEPTH, Salt Water
TRT Quincy              29-00 Salt Water
McArdle Bridge Update
The McArdle Bridge is operating on normal
on demand bridge openings for marine traffic.
Chelsea Street Bridge Update
Mariners are advised that Smith Marine will be conducting bridge navigational light replacement on the Chelsea Street Bridge from May 28th, 2024, through June 7th, 2024, and recommencing on June 17th, through June 21st, 2024. Work hours will be 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. During this period the bridge will be restricted to on demand openings and will require one-hour advanced notice advance notice to clear barge and personnel for an opening. The bridge will be able to open for emergencies during this time with advanced notice. On scene equipment will consist of the Barge SMI 120-2, and Tug Meridian. The bridge tender, Tug and Barge will be on station and will monitor VHF Ch-13.  Questions may be directed Mr. Mattew Plauche Smith Marine at (978) 375-4129. Mariners are advised to plan their transits accordingly..
Fore River Bridge Update
The Fore River Bridge is operating on normal
on demand bridge openings for marine traffic.

Tides / Currents

Boston, MA Tides
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Weather / Marine Zone Forecast

Partly Sunny, 75°F
Feels Like 78° F
Today’s High 82° F
Wind,  WNW 7 mph
Humidity 78%
Visibility 10.0 mi
Pressure 30.18 in
Not as warm but humid with some sun, then turning cloudy; an afternoon thunderstorm; gusty winds and small hail can accompany any downpour.
Synopsis for Massachusetts and Rhode Island coastal waters:
A weak backdoor front will move east to west into New England
Friday, then remain nearly stationary Saturday. This will serve as a
focus for showers and thunderstorms. Meanwhile, winds will be light
and variable along with areas of fog at night. The boundary lifts
north as a warm front Sunday. This will be accompanied by increasing
southwest winds, along with a risk of showers and thunderstorms in
the afternoon and evening. Low pressure moves across New England
Monday, accompanied by showers and thunderstorms. Improving
conditions likely Tuesday, as the low exits into the Maritimes.  A
cold front may then enter New England Wed or Thu.
Coastal waters east of Ipswich Bay and the Stellwagen Bank
National Marine Sanctuary:
.TODAY...NW winds around 5 kt, becoming NE this afternoon. Seas
around 2 ft. Wave Detail: SE 2 ft at 8 seconds and NW 1 foot at
3 seconds. Patchy fog this morning. A slight chance of showers
this afternoon. Vsby 1 NM or less this morning.
.TONIGHT...SE winds around 5 kt. Seas around 2 ft. Wave Detail:
SE 2 ft at 7 seconds. Patchy fog after midnight. A chance of
showers after midnight with vsby 1 NM or less.
.SAT...SE winds 5 to 10 kt. Seas around 2 ft in the morning, then
1 foot or less. Wave Detail: SE 2 ft at 8 seconds, becoming E
1 foot at 8 seconds. Patchy fog. A chance of showers. Vsby 1 to
3 NM.
.SAT NIGHT...S winds 5 to 10 kt. Seas 2 to 3 ft. Wave Detail: S
2 ft at 3 seconds and E 2 ft at 8 seconds. A chance of showers.
Vsby 1 to 3 NM in the evening.
.SUN...S winds 10 to 15 kt, increasing to 15 to 20 kt in the
afternoon. Gusts up to 25 kt. Seas 2 to 3 ft, building to 3 to
5 ft in the afternoon. Wave Detail: S 2 ft at 4 seconds and SE
1 foot at 8 seconds, becoming S 3 ft at 4 seconds and SE 2 ft at
8 seconds. A chance of showers.
.SUN NIGHT...SW winds 15 to 20 kt with gusts up to 25 kt. Seas
3 to 5 ft. Wave Detail: S 3 ft at 5 seconds. Showers likely.
.MON AND MON NIGHT...SW winds 10 to 15 kt, becoming W. Gusts up
to 20 kt. Seas 2 to 4 ft. Showers likely.
.TUE AND TUE NIGHT...W winds 5 to 10 kt, becoming SW. Seas 2 to
3 ft.
Seas are reported as significant wave height, which is the
average of the highest third of the waves. Individual wave
heights may be more than twice the significant wave height.

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