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New Orleans / Mississippi River

April 01, 2024


Good day,
Please note the below NOBRA pilots transit restriction now in place due to ongoing revetment operations at MM 148-150 AHOP.  Will pass along any and all other updates as they become available.

Port / Terminal Restrictions

The NOBRA Pilots have advised that the Revetment Plant at Mile 148.8 is currently extending 800 feet into the river.  As a result,  southbound traffic will be prohibited from transiting Mile 148 – Mile 150 during the Corps’ working hours (0600 – 1900 each day). 
At certain times, the plant may be extending only 400 feet into the river, and southbound traffic will be allowed to pass during the working hours.  Please stay in touch with the NOBRA Pilots dispatch when ordering pilot services to determine if southbound vessels are allowed to transit, Mile 148 – Mile 150 while the revetment operations are underway.  The current schedule shows the revetment plant to be in this area of the river until April 15th. 
Please contact us with any question, and continue to monitor your e-mail for updates.
Brett M. Bourgeois
Executive Director
New Orleans Board of Trade
365 Canal Street, Suite 1580
New Orleans, LA 70130
Phone (24 Hour): 504-525-3271
Mobile: 504-913-2710

The USACOE Mat Sinking Unit at MM-148.8 AHP RDB are commencing revetment laying operations at 0700.
All vessels are restricted to one-way traffic from MM 148-MM-150.Traffic shall transit the working area at slowest safe speed 24 hours a day. contact the M/V William James on channel 67 for further information. The mat sinking unit will fold in at night.
For more information contact Vessel Traffic service Lower Mississippi River (New Orleans Traffic) at 504-365-2514.

Disclaimer: For quality assurance purposes please note well that while the information contained in this website is regularly vetted for accuracy it is not intended to replace the local knowledge or expertise pertaining to port conditions of our marine operations personnel.

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