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Port of Houston

April 16, 2024


Current Status: OPEN
Below received from Houston Pilots:
Houston Pilots, at our meeting on 4/3/24, approved Navigation Safety Guideline Interim Rule 01-2024.  This interim rule provided for incrementally moving the daylight restriction reference point up the channel as Project 11 dredging is completed.  A summary of changes is below; see the Houston Pilots website for the most recent version of the Houston Pilots Navigation Safety Guidelines. 
1.                   VT-1:  LPG Tankers proceeding with cargo greater than or equal to 600 ft will be daylight restricted above B-61/62.  If no trim, daylight restricted above B-18.
2.                   WB-2:  Any widebody tanker proceeding with cargo will be daylight restricted above B-61/62.
3.                   WB-6:  Two widebody vessels meeting in the Houston Ship Channel between B-18 and B-61/62 shall be restricted to a combined beam of 340’during the day and 310’ at night. Combined draft shall be limited to 85’.  Two widebody vessels meeting in the Houston Ship Channel between B-51/52 and B-75/76 shall be restricted to a combined beam of 310’ and shall be limited to a combined draft of 85’.    
4.                   WB-7:  Two widebody vessels meeting in the Houston Ship Channel between B-61/62 and Boggy Bayou shall be restricted to a combined beam of 272 ft and shall be limited to a combined draft of 77 ft.
5.                   WB-9:  Any widebody tanker or bulker over 150 ft in beam and/or over 900 ft in LOA will be daylight restricted above B-61/62 at all times.
6.                   WB-11:  Two vessels with a combined LOA of 2080 ft or greater will not be permitted to meet above B-61/62. 
7.                   CT-1:  For the purpose of this guideline, “daylight restricted” means boarding 2 hours before sunrise.  This boarding time will allow a typical container vessel to reach B-51/52 at the beginning of civil twilight. 
In effect, this change moves the daylight restriction to buoys 61/62, allowing vessels affected by the above guidelines to arrive approximately 30 minutes earlier and to sail 30 minutes later.  Based on the pace of dredging, it is expected that the next segment of channel will be ready for acceptance prior to the end of the year. 
Thanks to the Coast Guard, Port of Houston Authority, and Army Corps of Engineers for their hard work and diligence in making the timely acceptance of this segment possible. 
 Captain Clint Winegar | Presiding Officer
USCG Sector Houston will no longer accept COC exam requests seeking a date more than 10 calendar days in advance. Additionally, SHG will normally not accept new requests made less than 24 hours advance.
CBP Houston does not permit off-signers to stay in hotel to await their flights home. They must go direct for vessel to IAH for their flights.
Valid C1-D USA visa is required for all off-signers by CBP Houston, on very rare occasions will exception be made by CBP Houston.

Galveston/Texas City Port Information
Current Status: OPEN
Due to a recent vessel grounding, Texas City Pilots have reduced the maximum draft to 43 feet fresh water.
Galveston pilots:
Draft Information:
For current draft information, please contact local Moran agent.
2023 Port Galveston Closures:
Please note that closure updates are prone to change, and will be updated upon notification of closures.
For Historical Port closure information please contact local Moran agent. Please see contact info above.

Port / Terminal Restrictions

Galveston pilot restrictions:
  • Vessels must commence at least (2) hours before sunset, and not before sunrise.
Galveston Bar to ports of Galveston County:
  1. Vessels over 120,000 DWT
  • (Daylight hours only) for arrivals and sailings, but may be shifted or turned at night within Galveston or Texas City
  • May sail from Bolivar Roads at night
  • A second pilot is required
  1. Vessels with draft over 40 feet
  • Daylight hours only
  1. Vessels with LOA of 860 feet or more a second pilot is required
Galveston Bar to Bolivar Roads:
  • LNG tankers shall be daylight only coming into Bolivar Roads.
  • They may sail from Bolivar Roads at night.
Galveston Bar to Port of Texas City:
  1. The maximum length limit of any vessel handled in the Texas City main basin shall be 1,000 feet.
  2. Ships, seagoing barges, and other large vessels are restricted from passing each other in the Texas City Channel or the Carbide Canal.
  3. Vessel coming out of Houston has priority over vessel leaving Texas City at the same time.


                                                      U.S. Coast Guard
                                                           SECTOR HOUSTON-GALVESTON
                                                      SECTOR HOUSTON-GALVESTON (08-37170)
                                                            13411 HILLARD ST.
                                                            HOUSTON TX
Primary Phone: 281-464-4800
Emergency Phone: 281-464-4800
Fax Number: 281-464-4814
Rescue 21 VHF DSC MMSI Number: 003669915
Response Phone: 281-464-4851
Incident Mgmt. Phone: 281-464-4898
Enforcement Phone: 281-464-4862
Prevention Phone: 281-464-4700
Inspection Phone: 281-464-4732/4733
Investigations Phone: 281-464-4709
Waterways Management Phone: 281-464-4891/4890
Prep/Planning Phone: 281-464-4720
Facilities Branch Phone: 409-978-2711
Commercial Fishing Vessel Phone: 281-464-4732
Facility Inspection Branch Phone: 281-464-4709
National Response Center Number: 800-424-8802 - Contact the NRC for oil spills, hazmat releases.
Area of Responsibility
Sector Houston-Galveston encompasses an area extending from the east bank of the Colorado River in southwest Texas to 60 miles east of Lake Charles, Louisiana.
The Sector’s northern boundary aligns with the Texas- Oklahoma border and encompasses Lake Texoma. The southern border extends 200 miles offshore to the seaward
extent of the U.S. exclusive economic zone.  The unit includes two separate Captain of the Port (COTP) zones and major maritime centers including Houston, Beaumont,
Lake Charles, Texas City, Port Arthur, Freeport and Galveston.

Disclaimer: For quality assurance purposes please note well that while the information contained in this website is regularly vetted for accuracy it is not intended to replace the local knowledge or expertise pertaining to port conditions of our marine operations personnel.

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