May 29, 2024


Good Morning,
The pilot office was recently informed of a vessel enroute to our area with deck load of turbine parts which severely restricts visibility from navigation bridge. Allegedly another vessel is currently loading in a foreign port with similar load plan.
As per the attached MSIB “The U.S. Coast Guard does not typically grant deviations for situations intentionally counter to the regulations or solely for convenience of financial incentive, Likewise pilots are not obligated to board vessels with known unresolved issues.
A flag state “having no objection against the proposal” in no way makes piloting of less unsafe, nor is this compromised visibility load condition consistent with safety espoused by various entities.  Cargo stowage which overhangs, or violates Imo convention or 33 CFR 164.15 in regards to Navigational bridge visibility requires vetting by pilot office prior to loading or almost certainly risks refusal.
Capt. Chris Murray
Executive Director
O: 401-847-9050 ext 2
M: 401.413.9649


  • MSIB-04-23_Reduced_Visibility_Navigation_Bridge.pdf(298 KB )

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