Corpus Christi, TX

July 03, 2024


Good Morning Port Users, 
The USCG has informed us that at 1300hrs today Condition Whiskey will be initiated (gale force winds expected in 72 hours) for our port.
Regarding vessel operations, we have determined that only vessels that will be able to finish and sail by Friday night or Saturday early morning will be allowed to come in.   Our current status for vessels already in port is as follows:
  • M/V SPRING LOTUS will finish and depart today
  • O/T ANNA ROSE & O/B RCM-225 will be finishing tomorrow
  • M/V BONAS, M/V IC PHEONIX and M/V SAGA FANTASY are expected to finish and depart by Friday evening
All River Barges will need to depart no later than noon Friday.  All vessels such as scrap vessels/rigs remaining in port must double up lines and ensure that they are properly anchored and all loose debris must be cleared from the wharves and terminal areas.
All stevedores must remove all loose dunnage, straps, and mats from all public facilities, remove cranes from the docks and lower booms, and cover your cargo in the warehouses that are likely to suffer leaks and flooding.  In addition, all cargo including wind blades must be properly secured. 
Sandbags have been placed near warehouse doors that have been requested to remain opened for your operations.  Once your operations are completed, please secure the doors and place sandbags on the door.
All port tenants are asked to secure any loose items at their facilities.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Disclaimer: For quality assurance purposes please note well that while the information contained in this website is regularly vetted for accuracy it is not intended to replace the local knowledge or expertise pertaining to port conditions of our marine operations personnel.

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