Port of Houston

July 09, 2024


Good day All,
Port remains closed, please note latest per local authorities:
  • USCG is evaluating the Aids to Navigation and ensuring the channel is clear for navigation.
  • USACE has four (4) boats conducting sonar surveys.
    • Surveys complete up to Morgans Point and today will continue up the Houston ship channel.
    • Freeport will be surveyed Wednesday, followed by the GIW.
    • In addition other assets (pilot boats, tugs, etc.) have been assessing channel.
    • Majority of Houston, Galveston and Texas City surveys should be complete by EOD Tuesday.
  • Houston Pilots advise channel looks good for navigation basis their info and USCG authorized moving vessels up to 35’ inbound.
  • Gal Tex Pilots advise channel looks good and USCG authorized moving vessels inbound up to 30’ pending USACE surveys completion.
  • Brazos Pilots advise Freeport channel looks good up to 36’ draft and are awaiting USCG approval to resume ops.
  • Facilities still completing post-storm assessments prior to resuming cargo ops and must verify depth/draft alongside as part of said assessments. For those that have done so, expectation is that may be able to resume cargo ops later today, pending USCG approval to do so.
  • Ships that stayed in port must complete post-storm assessment. Three (3) ships still have not done so.
  • Tow vessels are assessing the Houston Ship Channel barge lanes, and the GIW, to verify sufficient depths.
Next PCT call is 1600/09th July.

Disclaimer: For quality assurance purposes please note well that while the information contained in this website is regularly vetted for accuracy it is not intended to replace the local knowledge or expertise pertaining to port conditions of our marine operations personnel.

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