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July 09, 2024


WGMA Sector Houston-Galveston PortsPCT Call Update Tuesday, July 9, 2024 Hurricane Beryl - Recovery

USCG Sector Houston-Galveston’s Vessel Traffic Service (VTS)
held a Port Coordination Team (PCT) conference call at 9AM today to update industry partners on the Post Storm Assessments from Hurricane BERYL and the status of all ports within Sector Houston-Galveston. Your WGMA Maritime Affairs team participated on the call and has the following report: 
National Weather Service:
·    Beryl is now a Tropical Depression Currently moving North Northeast across Arkansas and no longer poses as a threat to our region.
·    Winds relaxed to around 16 knots and seas subsided to around 5 feet overnight
·    Strong rip current are possible along the Gulf facing beaches
·    Heat Advisory is in effect for all of Southeast Texas
·    Less than a quarter inch of rain expected today and Wednesday.

·    Still Remain in Port Condition Zulu (Recovery Mode)
·    Assessment Surveys still on going for Facilities, Vessels and Channels,
·    Get Post Storm Assessments in if you have not done so.
·    Planning on stepping things up as more information comes available, goal is to get vessel traffic moving safely and asap.
·    Look for a new MSIB today
VTS Houston-Galveston:
·    VTS has extensive equipment losses across all sensors (AIS, cameras, and communications)
·    VTS will be limiting vessel traffic (and risk) due to inability to communicate, will ramp up as comfort levels increase and additional information becomes available.

Post Storm Survey Groups:
Group 1 (Main Channels Survey)
Came up with a Channel Survey plan of action, which commenced yesterday: Channel to be initially surveyed by Pilots Boats, Tugs and Brown Water Vessels.
ATON Boats assessing Channel right now, Some ATON damage/discrepancies found
·    4 survey vessels in the area of responsibility.
·    For Deep Draft vessel sending 2 boats from Bolivar to Morgan's Point today.
·    One Vessel working Galveston Ship Channel today.
·    Depending on Seas, will try to do the inner and outer bar, if not will survey Texas City at the end of the day.
·    Tomorrow all of Freeport 
Houston Pilots:
·    Initial Survey up to Morgan's Point, with some NavAid discrepancies but surveys look good.
·    Comfortable with 35’, would be starting with inbound
Gal-Tex Pilots
·    Surveys look good,
·    Comfortable with 30', based on current surveys
Brazos Pilots
·    Initial channel survey and everything looks ok, some NavAid destroyed and other discrepancies
·    Comfort level with Draft up to 36’ feet at this time.

Group 2: (Facility & Vessel Assessments)
Vessel: Port State advised, missing Vessel post storm assessments, 3 from Houston and 2 from Texas City area of responsibility, reaching out to agents.
Facility: Acceptable to self assess on your dock sounding but must provide information on how you verified your post storm soundings. 31 of 57 facilities with complete assessments, some assessments were not accepted as sounding information was not advised.
USCG should notify when vessel/facilities are good to resume operations, once facilities and vessel post storm assessments reports received in good order.
Non Waterside (land side) operations can operate.
Group 3 (Brown Water Survey)
2 Boats out Surveying as of yesterday, one from Bolivar to High Island, currently not seeing anything of significance. 2nd vessel left Corpus heading West Freeport nothing significant to report, some ATON discrepancies.
New phone number: 832-250-5559, Requesting Agents call first before showing up to the office.
Port of Galveston: Power still out for about 50% of facilities.
Port of Texas City: Has a call with Texas City Industry Group
Port Freeport: Submitted facility assessment yesterday and requested channel user to do the same. Still lacking power.
Harbor Tugs:
19 Houston, 6 Galveston and 6 Freeport
0700-1100 crew changes scheduled for tomorrow, but will work around vessel traffic.
Agents are reminded to keep the eNOA/D’s updated for their vessels, and to keep the pilots closely advised about when their ships are ready to transit, whether sailing, shifting or docking.

Disclaimer: For quality assurance purposes please note well that while the information contained in this website is regularly vetted for accuracy it is not intended to replace the local knowledge or expertise pertaining to port conditions of our marine operations personnel.

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