identify real-time threats, gaps, and weaknesses

For over 80 years we have remained at the leading edge of consulting-related services to the Maritime industry providing guidance, services, and assistance to the biggest key players.  Every day we represent niche organizations, governmental agencies, ship owners, operators, charterers, cargo facilities, seafarers, ferry operators, entrepreneurs, and virtually all sectors within the maritime realm in the US and globally.

Handling upwards of 10,000 vessel port calls a year, thousands of maritime guard jobs, facility inspections, infrastructure management, assessments, exercises, audits, drills, and many other related services conducted directly in the field, provides our staff with a real-time, boots on the ground perspective unmatched by any other in the security realm.  We are not just providing you with thoughts and suggestions from previous experience, we are providing you with effective solutions and operations that are proven on a daily basis to work and grow based on the current threat environment.

Due to our relationships as security specialists to many different maritime entities, we have a wealth of working knowledge and have assisted in the development/implementation of effective security systems that are in place across the maritime spectrum.  With this background, a boots-on-the-ground approach, and through our research & development department we continue to be successful in providing solutions to help lower the overall security system costs while providing a much more secure solution. 

In addition to this, our assessments and consulting agreements help to identify real-time threats, gaps, and weaknesses that a specific organization may face, but most importantly a plan of action to help secure against these same issues.  We use methods that help to better utilize current equipment and staff through various measures in tandem with helping to lower the overall costs.  In short, our goal is to work within your current budget to provide a different approach to better secure your organization. 

In addition to standard consulting services, we also provide forensic science services and cold case analysis.  

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