Training and Education

Real-time education with hands-on full-scale field exercises

MOMPS and our partner (NMLEA) National Maritime Law Enforcement Academy provide education and training for the maritime industry, law enforcement personnel, and critical infrastructure industries located on or near the maritime environment.

The key to raising the level of professionalism, proficiency, crew safety, and survival is to customize the training to utilize the actual assets and equipment used by those crew and officers in the field.

Our online training portal is certified by the US Department of Homeland Security and Florida State University, combining the creative use of technology, flexible delivery methods, and expert support, coupled with pricing strategies designed to ensure substantial savings for subscribers, makes it the only technology of this type available.

We provide classroom, online, and for many customers real-time education with hands-on full-scale field exercises.

We provide all International Ship and Port Security (ISPS) Code training requirements.

We provide all Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA) training requirements.

In addition to the above and maritime specialized programs, we also provide training courses on the following:

  • Boating Accident Investigations
  • Officer Safety & Survival Tactics Afloat
  • Vessel Handling & Tactics for Law Enforcement Afloat
  • Tabletop Exercise
  • Field Training Exercise
  • Advanced Officer Safety & Survival Tactics Afloat
  • Marine First Responder Vessel Operations & Flood Rescue Training
  • Canine Operations Afloat
  • Defensive Tactics Afloat
  • Maritime Law Enforcement Officers Training Program
  • Boating While Intoxicated (B.W.I.) Training Program
  • Navigation & Rules of the Road Training Program
  • Basic Maritime Vessel Operator
  • Basic Maritime Tactical Boarding
  • Ship Interdiction Training Course
  • Dignitary / Executive Protection Afloat
  • K9 Handler Water Survival
  • K9 Advanced Narcotics Detection
  • Rapid Interview Threat Evaluation
  • Maritime Response to Active Shooter
  • Maritime Patrol Survival Course I
  • Maritime Patrol Survival Course II
  • Maritime Ground Fighting Course I
  • Multiple Assailant Combatives Course I
  • Marine Patrol Operators Combatives
  • Gas & Oil Platform Interdiction Course
  • Tactical Swimmer Course
  • Law Enforcement Tactical Diver
  • Public Safety Surface Swimmer
  • Search & Recovery Dive Course
  • Boating Accident Investigation
  • Confined Space Rescue / Survival Course
  • Rope Rescue Awareness / Operations
  • Rope Rescue Technician Course
  • Firefighter Basic Water Survival Course
  • Firefighter Water Rescue Operations
  • Firefighter Water Rescue Technician
  • Tactical Medicine Afloat
  • Maritime Hostile Surveillence Detection
  • Port Staff Training Active Shooter Course
  • Social Engineering Awareness Course I
  • Situational Awareness for Everyone
  • Recognition / Awareness IED
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